Leotsakos I.K.E.

Leotsakos IKE, is the continuation of George Leotsakos’ sale trade, which was founded in Athens, in 1970. With its main profession  importing and trading of Animal Products, veterinary medicines and hygienic products for farms covering a wide range of activities in the area of animal production.

 Since 1971, the development of our company has been characterized by multiple and dynamically growing activity with top quality products always by respecting the Greek livestock-breeder and his needs. That is why after 48 years of continuous presence in the Greek market, on the side of veterinarians, agriculturalists, the veterinary and agricultural institutes and the producers as well, the feeding programs and products of the foreign companies (Schaumann, Jorenku and Denkavit) we represent, are on products and programs of animal feeding are considered as the most reliable and guaranteed solutions for the proper scientific animals’ nutrition.

Moreover, an important fact, which illustrates the philosophy and the consistency of our company is the long-term cooperations with the foreign firms which our company represents for more than four (4) decades as well as the associations with Greek companies through local representatives and partners. Most of these cooperations last for over than 40 years and our experience which lasts 48 years and the reliability of a family business are our main features.

Leotsakos IKE is characterized by the typical advantages of a traditional family business: Fast decisions, small bureaucracy, high commitment, trust with customers and suppliers, reliability, autonomy, independence, family atmosphere and working environment, long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers as well as expanded customer base.

Employees in the business are professionals who think and work on the basis of history, culture and the values that govern the business, and try every day to do their utmost in the best possible way for the maximum benefit of our associates.

Leotsakos IKE today has got a well established sales network, which includes our local representatives, most of whom are agriculturalists, veterinarians and technical agriculturalists, as well as the support which is provided with frequent visits of our scientists-sales managers which have all a scientific background. Our staff’s aim is to achieve the best possible technical and economic results for the livestock breeder always in cooperation with him, as well as with constant communication and collaboration with the corresponding departments of Schaumann and Denkavit. In assition,respect and responsibility are the choice for us, as far as, the communication with customers – partners, as they are our priority, setting ever higher standards for our business such as maintaining the reliability and consistency of a purely Greek family  company. 

Furthermore in recent years, the company is activated in dynamically developing section of pets. Our company is the exclusive representative in Greek & Cyprus market for many , top of their kind, companies such as Finnern, Gimborn, Bozita, Landini Giuntini, JR- Farm , KIKI, Bogar, Sanimed, Biogance, Bellomania & Iceland Pet. Also the distribution of private label products (leodog-leocat) have significantly strengthened the position of Leotsakos IKE, so today it has established itself as one of the most reliable suppliers in the specialized network of Pet Shops. 

Both Leotsakos IKE and the foreign companies, as well as the firms that we represent, have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility towards all those who value us with their trust for almost five decades. This sense of responsibility is our tradition.


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-When I was informed the formation of the company’s “Y.G. LEOTSAKOS & CO O.E.”website, I felt the need to write some words about this company and the people that work at it.
First of all, I would like to write about the company that is present in the market for many years incorruptibly and constantly, taking part in all proceedings that take place concerning animal husbandry.
Mostly though, I would like to refer to the company’s people, because people are responsible for the good operation of it. People create the company’s character and their personal mark forms the company’s identification.
In this company the father Georgios Leotsakos and the son Yiannis Leotsakos have offered their personal stamp along with the employees.
It’s my honor and pleasure to cooperate with them all these years.
I wish great success on your goals and personal happiness.

Kaiti Milona

Veterinarian, Animal Breeding Development Consultant Publish Officer of the magazines "Animal Breeding Today", "Contemporary Pig Breeding", "Poultry Science Today"

Since more than 30 years exists between the Leotsakos Company and the Schaumann Company a trustful partnership and this is in business already in the 2nd generation. Built-on by the father Georgios Leotsakos the son Yiannis Leotsakos expanded the sale of Schaumann products in Greece, so that all over Greece the quality products of Schaumann are in use. Not only brand names like RindaminSchauma Pro and Millaphos are known by dairy farmers, pig producers and sheepherder also the program of biological ensiling additives named Bonsilage, the acid program with Schaumacid and Schaumasil are used successfully on Greek farms. Establishing innovative products on the Greek market enforced our partner Leotsakos.

Not least a permanent technical consulting of the farms, which is afforded by Greek and German specialists, has contributed to this success. The active communication of knowledge is advanced and used by contact on many levels. Joint stands at trade shows of Leotsakos and Schaumann in Greece became a tradition and also the exchanges of ideas between practitioners from Greece who visit Germany or Austria contribute to the success.

Similarly the visit of successful Schaumann clients in Greece did convince many practitioners of other countries from the Schaumann idea. Thereby it is shown again and again that Schaumann and Leotsakos are important and strong partners for a successful Greek farming.

Dr. Schmidt

Nutritionist, Manager of Schaumann Agri International, Germany

I have been involved with the development of the Leotsakos Company since 1975, having spent 29 years working for the Schaumann Company in Pinneberg, Germany, and, since 2004, as a logistics provider and advisor.

As a result of this lengthy cooperation, a good and lasting personal relationship with the Leotsakos family has developed.

I have always believed in the success and growth of the company, in spite of negative occurrences from time to time in the long history of the company, such as the frequent negative developments in the rates of exchange between the Greek drachma and the German mark, dock strikes and disruptions in delivery.

After the death of company founder George Leotsakos after a short and serious illness, the company was taken over in January 2001 by Yiannis Leotsakos. He has succeeded in running the company as his father did and has in addition broadened the product group base to include the house petfood products Leodog and Leocat.

The company is on a good footing, is a good team overall and will be successful in a market which is becoming ever more difficult.

Hans-Jurgen Schmidt

Hans-Jurgen Schmidt

Transport + Logistik

Gerard van de Bruinhorst

Export Manager, Denkavit Nederland B.V.

Based on the first contact with the company of Leotsakos in 2000, which was done by Mr. Georgios Leotsakos, we have developed a long-term and trustful cooperation and partnership with Yiannis Leotsakos and his team. Over this years of trustful co-operation we confirm that the relation of the company of Yiannis Leotsakos to the Greek farms is close, extremely reliable and very competent. 
During our several visits of Greek dairy farms we have always experienced that the staff of Y.G. Leotsakos & Co. O. E. is very much accepted by the farmers all over Greece, because of their professional services and highly effective products distrib-uted. 
From the discussions with Mr. Leotsakos we have learned very much on the Greek agricultural situation and various markets and market sectors, especially to under-stand Greek dairying. 
RSH is a dairy farmer owned cooperative, located in the northern part of Germany. Our services include artificial insemination, Dairy breeding and offering pedigree Hol-stein (black & white and red & white) and Angler herd book cattle.
Semen of our Top-sires is available in Greece through German Genetics Interna-tional (GGI).
On the occasion presenting a new website, we congratulate Mr. Leotsakos to his achievements and we wish him and his family personally and related to business all the best, i. e. health and success for the future. 
It is our honour to cooperate with such an acknowledged person and company and we are very pleased looking forward to continue our successful business relationship.

Rinderzucht Schleswig-Holstein e. G.

i. V. Dr. Heiner Kahle - departmental manager branch herd book and commercialisation of breeding cattle

I personally met Leotsakos family and company in 1991 during my several visits in Greece as a representative of Schaumann. Being an export manager of H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH Company from 1991 to 2001 I supported the founder of Leotsakos company, George Leotsakos and his attempts of extension this company. Together we visited customers all over Greece in order to offer them professional advices and suggest optimum solutions, so as to achieve their goals. I particularly appreciated the personal involvement of the members of Leotsakos family, their reliability as well as the long term policy of their company. This can clearly be proved by the fact that breeders, veterinarians, people who deal with animal feed and agriculturalists cooperate successfully with the company for over 20 years.

Additionally, customers’ success is ensured by the combination of aimed professional advices along with the high quality of Schaumann products.

Yiannis Leotsakos took over the company in 2000. Based on his father’s principals, Yiannis continues the development of the company, always keeping in mind the success of his clients.

I wish Yiannis to continue with the same strenuousness his successful career which has begun from 2000 and goes on until today.

Dr. Jochen Riebensahm

Vorstand der Schorisch AG