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The name Bogar stands for innovation, pure herbal goodness, effectiveness, quality and service.

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“The best of nature for the well-being of our pets”


In 1998, Marijke Frater, a highly qualified Dutch biochemist and renowned specialist in phytotherapy, founded the Bogar Laboratory in Winterthur with the aim of developing and marketing top quality herbal grooming treatments, dietary supplements and remedies for animals that harness the power of nature.

In 1999, the Bogar Laboratory in Winterthur evolved into today’s Bogar AG based in Zurich. Following extensive research and development, in 2001 Bogar AG obtained its first approval for the pharmaceutical product, bogaskin®, a pure herbal cream for the treatment of non-specific eczema in dogs. A number of herbal dietary supplements then followed, along with a wide range of biocides and grooming products.

Collaborating closely with research institutions in Neuenburg (CH) and Munich (DE) and a scientific advisory board, Bogar places great value on the development of effective, top quality herbal products.

Supporting Bogar AG is a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff who dedicate themselves to the welfare of animals on a daily basis

The needs of the customer are paramount when we develop new products. Our in-house Research & Development Department plays a key role at the company’s Wallisellen site. On the one hand, our laboratory allows us to carry out ongoing development of existing products as well as continuous research and development of new products, while on the other hand we are able to conduct quality control product testing in our own laboratory. Having an in-house laboratory also allows us to collaborate closely and efficiently with the other departments on site. Bogar works with accredited laboratories for microbiological analyses.

All Bogar AG products are manufactured according to our own recipes and in compliance with international standards. In order to guarantee the excellent quality of our products, only top quality raw materials are used and processed in the manufacture of our entire product range.

The company’s in-house laboratory conducts regular checks, and as different staff are responsible for quality control and quality assurance, we ensure our products are of a consistently high quality.

Leotsakos I.K.E.  is Bogar ‘s exclusive representative in greek & cyprus market since 2012.

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