We are a small company from Vårgårda that has been making dog and catfood since 1903. We like to things in a natural and easy way! We make our dog and cat food out of premium ingredients with a high quality and with no added extras!

It all began in 1903
One day in the mid-1800s rose a young energetic Gothenburger named Aaron Heyman off the train in Vårgårda. On the fertile plains of Västergötland, he took the knowledge he gained from Scotland to make specially steamed oatmeal to seize the spill and after that in 1903 introduce our very first dog food “Vårgårda Dog Flour”.
Today, Doggy AB the largest pet food producer in Sweden and has over a century-old tradition of pet food manufacture. The company has about 160 employees and an annual turnover of 520 million SEK.
Made in Sweden
The Swedish attributes of a clean and nutritious product are the main guiding principles for our development and production.

Our factory manufactures wet and dry food and is located in western Sweden’s beautiful farmland in Vårgårda. Here, as elsewhere in Sweden, farmers use less chemicals than elsewhere in the world and the Swedish animal husbandry has for decades been characterized by far-reaching protection and security. This means that our ingredients are of the highest quality, without hormones, antibiotics and synthetic additives.

Bozita – part of Doggy AB
Doggy AB in Vårgårda is one of the largest food producing groups in the Nordic countries.Doggy AB is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001 (environmental) and 22000. ISO 22000 is the food safety management system that fulfils the requirements of HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, by identifying and securing critical control points. The ISO 22000 also guarantees essential routines for traceability backward and forward in the chain of process, to ensure health and quality.

Product development
At Doggy AB we invest in product development. We do this in order to continue to be involved in leading the development of the industry. Product development includes further development of existing products, but especially the development of new ones.

Produced In Harmony With Nature

Our kitchen i Vårgårda is runned by 100% renewable enery and all of our leftovers from our kitchen are turned into biogas!

BSE- Free Country!

Sweden is one of the first countries in the world that have been classifeid as a BSE free country! This is stated from the world organistion for animal health.

No Growth Hormone !

The use of growth hormones in animal breeding is forbidden in Sweden and that is something we are proud of!

The Lowest Use Of Antibiotic In Europe!

The use of antibiotic within swedish farming and animal breeding in Sweden is under strict laws and control since 1986!

Trict Animal Protection  Laws!

The swedish animal protection laws are more strict than other countries in Europe and we are one of the strictest countries in the world with our animal protection laws! We take of and honor our animals!

Always Free From GMO!

We are careful and strict with not using genetically modified animals in our petfood!

Leotsakos I.K.E.  is Bozita ‘s representative in Greek & Cyprus market since 2013.

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