“Specialized feeding programmes for young animals”


Established 88 years ago by W. A. Pesh, the Denkavit Group is a company specialized in high-quality foods for young animals. The main activity of the group is the production of milk substitutes and specialized foods for young animals (mainly calves and piglets). Each Denkavitproduct meets top-quality demands and is the outcome of long-term research and grand scale experiments which were carried out at the experiments centre and the laboratories of the company but also applied practically in its experimental units as well as in university-run units in Netherlands. Denkavit products are renowned for their extremely high Nutritional value and for their excellent digestibility.

Denkavit’s Head Office and main plant in Voorthuizen

The Head Office and the company’s main plant are situated in Voorthuizen, Netherlands. Four other affiliated companies have been established in Europe as a result of the huge success of Denkavit products and more specifically in France (2 companies), Italy and Germany. The production is according to the highest levels of quality and takes place in Voorthuizen, where the exports’ division is also located. The company’s standards are very high. All Denkavit factories avail of their own laboratory equipment.


“Contemporary production units”

The fundamental principle for each Denkavit’sproduct is the extensive research. Each of them, is subject to thorough tests, extensive research and laboratory studies in the main research station, prior reaching the market. The laboratorial departments and research units of the company, deal exclusively with feeding programs and formulation. Tests are also performed on digestion, whilst there is an experimental calf raising unit, which comprises around 600 animals. The respective pig raising unit deals with some 250 sows whereas, there are also 3 more experimental farms in the Netherlands. In addition, a research farm is established in France with around 1300 calves. In total, Denkavitemploys some 400 people in Netherlands and the products are distributed to more than 40 countries all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea.



A team of Denkavit experts is responsible for the development, production and delivery of its products. Our representatives in each of the trading areas, stand by the customer’s side and are always willing to assist in order to come up with the best technical and financial results.

The cooperation between Denkavit  and Leotsakos I.K.E.  has begun from 1971.

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