About Jorenku

Jorenku is a leading company in the hygiene and disinfection market. In 2015, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary and, as such, has significant experience in disinfection in the agricultural industry.

Jorenku started as a small company at the beginning of 1990, but over the years, has become specialised and is now the leading producer of hygiene products and disinfectants for all types of animals, from pets to larger farms.

Today, Jorenku is a company in rapid development, which has established a national as well as international foothold with the primary product, Staldren.

Staldren gives a much improved stable environment with its effective action against salmonella, coli bacteria and other pathogenic substances. You can read more about Staldren here.

We make it a point of honour to live up to our customers’ expectations to the quality of our products.

Therefore, we are especially proud that our main product, Staldren, which Jorenku has developed, is being produced in Denmark.

Our employees

We are a team of 22 employees who place great importance on visiting distributors as well as customers abroad and on participating at trade fairs around the world.

Innovation and the Future

Moreover, we constantly try to keep ourselves innovated and we have recently invested in Tangmix (Seaweed), which has proved to be a great success for our customers. You can read more about “Seaweed” here.

Reed below some more details for our main Produkt Staldren :


Staldren® A product from J.N. Jorenku

Staldren is a worldwide recognized product and it is exported in all world in many countries with exceptional results.

The effective dry disinfecting product Staldren® is a Danish product which has been thoroughly tested by recognised international laboratories for use as a hygiene product and is being used worldwide.

Staldren® is kind to the environment, and most importantly, has a well documented effect on the most common bacteria and fungi spores. (Please see supplementary documentation)

Staldren® is phosphate free and PH-neutral, meaning that it does not dissolve/or loosen floors or pens, nor does it dry out an animal’s thin skin, which can be susceptible to abrasions and cuts which can then lead to bacterial infection and disease. There is no need to use gloves when working with Staldren® .

Staldren® binds the ammonia to such an extent that, both humans and animals can work without the strong smell and breathing difficulties.

Staldren® absorbs damp and moisture, and is therefore particularly useful in pens with high humidity.

Staldren® disinfects and cleans the farm building environment, reduces the level of infection and, therefore, ensures healthier animals.

Staldren® can be used for all domestic animals and is an absolute necessity for professional livestock farmers.

Staldren® is not harmful to either humans or animals. If you have any queries, please contact us. We mite be able to help you with experiences, that could assist you.

Leotsakos I.K.E.  is Jorenku’s Distributor in the Greek Market since 2013.

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