SCHAUMANN is a German company, which specializes in the production and development of nutrition supplements and diet balancing products, for cattle, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep and horses. Moreover, the company is active in the sector of research and development of probiotics as well as of the biological silages additives, with huge success.According to the annual survey of DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft) organisation, which is conducted between the best German stockbreeders, veterinarians and agriculturalists, Schaumann is the enterprise with the best evaluation rating, in the sector “Agricultural Animal Feeding” in Germany.

Currently, Schaumann is the top company in Europe in respect of animal diet programs, as it is considered predominant and pioneer in the area of diet balancing supplements for agricultural animals as well as for biologic silages additives in most European countries.

Schaumann has a privately owned research and experiment centre in Huelsenberg in Germany, since 1953. It is one of the most reputed scientific and research centres in Europe which covers an area of 500 hectares.

In Huelsenberg, long-term testing and research take place for the development of new products in order to meet the needs of every producer who trusts the “Schaumann” brand quality.
Every product is thoroughly tested in the long term, prior its release to the market.

Research Centre, Huelsenberg in Germany
Producing factory in Taufkirchen in Austria
Central offices of Schaumann group
Producing unit in Eilsleben
Producing unit in Feuchtwangen
Schaumann’s products are friendly to the environment and contribute in the production of healthier meat and eggs, under hoarse inspections and top levels of quality.
Ever since 1974, when the distribution of Schaumann products first started in Greece, it was the first company, that offered diet balancing supplements and created mixtures of concentrates without animal proteins.

Schaumann exports its products with success in and out of Europe. Schaumann has affiliated companies in 6 European countries and its products are traded through representatives in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Schaumann is certified with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995. The company also holds a European Community certificate, according to which, its products are appropriate for biological-ecologic breeding. Besides, it is not by chance that the company has a know-how of 70 years in animal protein-free diet rations, and is considered by the experts as the first in this kind of breeding to which the majority of both producers and companies have turned their attention to, especially after the well known problems that appeared lately in Europe.SCHAUMANN cooperates closely, with national and international research centers and universities of worldwide reputation, in the section of research and development. IS Forshung, another Schaumann company, which is based in Wahlstedt, Germany, organizes laboratory test and scientific conventions and seminars which are considered as reference points to all European scientists of animal breeding and veterinary sector.

SCHAUMANN food supplements and animal feed boosters:
SCHAUMANN offers ideal and practically tested feeding programs for :

  • All kinds of live-stock animals
  • Different productive directions
  • Different feeding systems
  • The raw materials for all the products of Schaumann are under hoarse quality tests, both before and after the production of the products.
  • The great accuracy in the mixing of the products is ensured by the long experience and know-how of the people who work for Schaumann and by the modern mixing systems in 3 state-of-the-art SCHAUMANN factories in Europe. In addition to the above, Schaumann Group of Companies has 3 more factories, one which produces prefabricated food (Una-Hakra) in Germany, one which specializes in biotechnology (Lactosan in Austria) and one for specialized food products (Ligrana in Germany).
  • The choice of the raw materials is done by scientific criteria, therefore the high digestibility and the better utilization of the food is guaranteed.
  • SCHAUMANN guarantees the high quality of all its products. After all, its name is synonymous to quality for 70 years.

Schaumann however, offers more than top quality products. It offers also a general plan, ranging from the preservation of the cereals to the calculation of the food rations, depending on the prevailing conditions in each specific production unit and the yield evaluation. Our main aim is to achieve the best cost effective solutions with the best technical and financial results for the producer.

What others say about us

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft – German animal breeding organization) conducts every year a research among the most successful producers of Germany. In this evaluation, producers have to express their opinion which depends on various criteria such as the innovation, the quality of the products, service, the presence in the Internet and the support from every company etc. Based on this evaluation, which takes place all over Germany by the producers, an “image barometer” is created, which is published at the end of every year. Schaumann Group of Companies is proud for the evaluation from the producers and promises to continue with the same philosophy and aiming to always improve the services and its products, whereas it maintains its foremost objective which is the maximization of the profit of the producer. The excellent ratings received in this evaluation are due mainly to two reasons:

  • High quality of products
  • The constant and close contact of the scientific advisors with the producers
Both Schaumann, who becomes 80 years old in 2018 and our company who completed 44 years of collaboration, continue to offer products of top quality and be close to the Greek producer, with respect to the him as well as the consumers.
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