Productive Animals

Scientific Support

  • Complete diet programs tailored by experienced Agriculturalists depending on the conditions prevailing in every unit.

  • MultiRat – Food rations and diet program of Schaumann
  • Analysis of the raw materials available in the farm aiming to achieve the maximum yield / performance with the existing resources.
  • Advice from specialists for the relocation of an existing unit or the establishement of a new one. General design of production units and construction plans for livestock breeding farms.
  • Biological products -Food supplements and certified diet programs, specially designed for ecologic and biologic aviculture breeding of pigs, cows and other productive animals


  • Lectures from experienced scientists-lecturers of Schaumann and academic institutes, which are organized in cooperation with the local representatives so that the producers can be fully informed of any developments.

“Workshop for Pig Husbundry – Meeting of Pig breeders, Kalambaka”


“Further training of scientific collaborators”

  • Scientific Support to all the shops – customers since all the salesmen of our company are Agriculturalists and nutritionists.